Review: The Bentley Book

Nothing quite says old-fashioned English luxury like Bentley. Of course, that’s not all there is to the venerable brand—something I’ve been reminded of as I flip through the pages of the Bentley Book ($125), a rich treasury of Bentley history, craftsmanship, and elegance.

More than a collection of beautiful automotive photography (though there’s lots of that, and there’s a sample below), the Bentley Book comes with sections on design, history, the bespoke manufacturing process, the materials, the colours, and even the hood ornament—every little detail that makes a Bentley such a mesmerizing drive.

The most delightful chapter though, by far, details Bentley’s success at the 24-hour Le Mans. Perhaps surprising for outsiders to the world of racing, Bentley has outright won the Le Mans six times, challenging the supercars at their own game. The journey ends with the testing of Bentley’s latest models; a little taste of what’s on the horizon.

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