Piper Home Security

It seems odd that there aren’t more home security systems with an app for video monitoring, especially given there are other security apps out there, but Piper is the first home security gadget with an app to combine a number of things: panoramic video, z-wave home automation, and environmental sensors.

Basically, this means that you can install your Piper camera anywhere in your home, interact with it via your smartphone, and dictate under what conditions it should alert you. For example, you can specify that Piper should text you when your front door opens. It can also notify friends and family that you trust, or sound its siren, or, if you have smart lights or other automated home appliances, Piper can interact with them.

Unfortunately, scientists have yet to invent a waffle iron that attacks burglars, but when they do, Piper could probably arrange that too.

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