Budweiser’s Dubious Distinction

Researchers at the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have completed a new study looking into what types of beer emergency room patients drink before getting injured and arriving at the hospital. The research identifies Budweiser as the most popular drink of people who get drunk and do stupid things.

Despite making up a little less than 10% of beer sales in the United States, 15% of emergency room patients arrive at the hospital after partaking in the “King of Beers,” according to TIME.

But that ratio is not the most imbalanced of the lot. Malt liquor brands make up 2.4% of alcohol sales, yet 46% of emergency room patients under the influence drank malt liquor. The brand Steel Reserve Malt Liquor is by far the worst. It makes up .8% of the market, yet 14.7% of emergency room drinkers.

Caution is needed however when making broad generalizations. The study only looked at 105 patients at one Baltimore hospital, so for all we know, this could be a Baltimore thing. However, the idea that cheap and highly alcoholic beverages attract people that drink too much and do stupid things isn’t exactly unheard of.

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