Review: ConAir Even Cut

Okay, men with a buzz cut, I’m talking to you.

Here are a few assumptions: you like to keep it simple. You like your five-minute shower. You like your lack of steps to get ready in the morning. Like Barack, you don’t want options.

On the money? Well, I have a tool that keeps things simple: the ConAir Even Cut ($56). It’s basically the world’s simplest razor for your scalp. By that, I don’t mean that the mechanics of the tool itself is simple, I mean that using it is simple.

Here’s what you do: you oil the blade, then you pick your gauge, then you turn the thing on and rub it around your head, just like polishing a boot. No endless preening in the mirror, no worrying about errant hairs, no shifting hair lengths—everything is cut down to the gauge you select, and the cutting is easy as hell.

Some other fun facts: you can use the thing cordless, it comes with two adjustable comb guides, you get a total of six possible lengths, and it comes with a bunch of stuff like a pouch, oil, scissors, a neck brush, and barber comb. But to be honest, I just jump in the shower after cutting. Keeps it even simpler.

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