Review: Dyson DC62

My roommate may be in love with a vacuum.

Here’s the thing: I have vacuuming. Hate it with a passion. I’d take out the garbage, wash the windows, mop, and maybe even snake a drain if it means I don’t need to vacuum. That’s why, when given the chance (read: was volun-told) to test out the Dyson DC62 ($550), I foisted it off on my roommate. Until he convinced me to give it a go, anyway.

Vacuum-haters, I have good news. The DC62 is more like a power tool than a vacuum. Don’t believe me? It has a digital V6 motor, which spins at 110,000 rpm, making it the most powerful cordless vacuum around. And it sounds like a drill. You hold it like a drill, too, trigger and everything.

The DC62 combines the power of a corded vacuum with the convenience of a cordless one. It’s lightweight, it disassembles easily, it has one of those handy little balls that Dyson is so famous for, and the head is motorized, with little carbon fibre filaments that help pull up dust. Basically, it works how so many other vacuums are supposed to work but don’t. It has a boost mode for higher suction that is dead useful, has a couple of detachable tools (a wand and a mini head) for different kinds of cleaning, and it charges pretty quick.

The main downside is that the bin fills up quickly, but I suppose that’s a by-product of being light and powerful. Also, the battery lasts twenty-six minutes, which, if you’re good at cleaning, isn’t a problem at all.

Bottom line? If you like your tools well-engineered, powerful, and well-suited to a smaller home or condo, this is the vacuum for you.

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