Review: the Bionic Wrench

Every man, no matter how many silk ties he owns, needs a toolkit. Things in your life need repair and assembly, and that little Allen key ventures out of its league pretty quickly.

This weekend, my toolkit got a significant upgrade. I finally cast aside my 30-piece wrench kit (because what’s a Canadian wrench kit without both SAE and metric sizes?) in favour of a couple of pieces from Loggerhead Tools.

To call the bionic wrench innovative is an understatement. It grips like a pair of pliers, but puts pressure on each side of a fastener, so you can’t damage or warp the metal. It comes in three sizes. The ten-inch model replaces 18 SAE and metric sizes, whilst the eight– and six-inch each replace 14 sizes. The design has won over the people at Popular Mechanics, and with good reason. There are dozens of new tool designs hawked every year, and most of them aren’t worth a damn. The bionic wrench is.

Aside from the ten-inch and eight-inch bionic wrenches, another tool from Loggerhead joined my kit this week. The Immix is a multitool, but in a surprizing turn of events, it’s fairly useful. Combining a small bionic wrench with a couple of knives and ten screwdriver bits, it’s a perfect just-in-case accessory.

Too late to order something for Christmas? Write an IOU and order a bionic wrench anyway. It’s entirely worth it. Just don’t settle for one of the made-in-China rivals.

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