Review: The Pocket Shot

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of about twenty bucks must be in want of a slingshot. They’re super fun and versatile, and the best one we’ve ever played with is a pocket shot ($25).

What We Like

Ultra-simple. If it’s unclear how you’d shoot the pocket shot, check out this video. You drop a BB in the pocket, aim with the plastic circle, pull back on the pouch, and shoot.

275 feet per second. That’s better than most slingshots.

Comes with a pro-pouch. If 275 feet isn’t good enough for you, swap over to the slightly thicket pro-pouch, which can do 350 feet per second.

Extremely compact. If you’re running around the neighbourhood, hassling old man George Wilson, the pocket shot fits snuggly right in your back pocket.

What We Don’t

We don’t dislike anything about slingshots. Unrelated: here’s how to patch drywall. In case you need to know that for whatever reason.

The Bottom Line

The pocket shot is super fun, and why don’t you already have one?

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