Fun fact: big bosses no longer like working in top-floor offices. Not since 9/11, anyway.

But let’s say you are one of the guys toiling away at the top floor. You’ve thought though escaping the building in a hurry, right? In case of fire or worse?

Well, if you’re desperate, these could give you a better shot at survival than just jumping. The Skysaver is a rescue device for escaping high floors. Basically, it’s a backpack with a fire-retardant cable in it. You hook the cable to something strong (it come with a hook), hop out the window, and then repel down the building. The device takes care of the repelling, by the way—it has an automatic braking apparatus inside. They start at $750 USD for the eighty-metre version, and they also come in 160 and 260 versions.

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