Ten Short Films About Innovation: Part III

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GE Focus Forward is a film series devoted to showcasing three-minute films about people who are changing the word with ideas, inventions, and actions, directed by the world’s best documentary filmmakers.

New Gift

The “Navdanya” movement believes seeds are a gift of life and that saving seeds will conserve biodiversity.

Heart Stop Beating

A “continuous flow” device can replace a heart, making life possible without a heart beat.

Meet Mr. Toilet

2.6 billion people lack access to a simple toilet, and one man is dedicated to fighting this crisis.

All Hail The Beat

The Roland TR-808 drum machine hasn’t been made since 1984, but it’s still used by musicians worldwide.

The Honor Code

Philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah thinks that changing the way we think about honor will change the world.

The Landfill

Trash can become energy if people think differently about garbage.

The Bionic Eye

The cure for degenerative blindness is to become a cyborg.

Solar Roadways

Instead of building roadways with asphalt, why not use solar panels?

Newton Creek Digester Eggs: The Art of Human Waste

A billion dollar wastewater treatment centre proves you can mix art with functional design.

Hilary’s Straws

How do you sale the ocean if you’re a quadriplegic? Invent a straw-controlled navigational tool, that’s how.

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