The Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack

Sometimes, to survive in the woods, you need a bunch of expensive high-tech equipment and enough knives to conquer a small Canadian town. Witness the Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack ($950), by Gerber. It comes with a cool Bear Grylls backpack (a big, multi-pocketed backpack with space for all the ice axes and skies you can carry), and the entire Gerber line of Bear Grylls survival stuff. Seriously, the whole damn thing.

Granted, a lot of this stuff is useful and the kind of thing you’d need, like fire steel, ropes, a poncho, a compass, a flashlight, and whatnot. It’s just the pile of knives we wonder about. Fourteen knives, actually, plus some multi-tools with knives, plus a saw. And an axe. Seriously, where are you surviving next, Bear, a butcher shop?

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