The Patch that Stops Mosquitos

Let’s put this in the please-let-it-be-true pile: a team of inventors has created a patch that they say makes humans invisible to mosquitoes for about forty-eight hours.

Kite is a small, colourful cloth patch. According to it’s inventors, you simply wear it and forget about it. Obviously, this is a method of control less messy, less intrusive, and less potentially dangerous than all the other ways we control mosquitoes: bug sprays, pesticides, coils, nets, and whatnot.

Of course, mosquitoes are no mere annoyance. In this country they are purveyors of west Nile, and in others they bring particularly deadly diseases malaria and dengue fever.

Currently, they’re being funded on indigogo. Actually, they were asking for $75,000, and at the time of this writing have received $320,000 and counting. Given that they have 30 days left, they’ll hopefully receive much more. Funding them doesn’t just give you first dibs on their product; they’re also going to bring Kite to Uganda, where we’ll see if it can make a real difference.

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