The Emperor 1510 LX

We don’t care how monstrous you think your battle station is; it can’t compare to MWE Lab’s upcoming Emperor 1510 LX ($21,500). Yeah, you read that price tag correctly. The LX is actually cheaper that their flagship model, the Emperor 200, which comes in at $49,150, but more expensive than the discount regular ‘ol 1510, which will run you $5,950.

So, what do you get for a stack of cash that could buy a car? Well, the most striking feature is the retracting monitor “stand” that can support up to five monitors and looks like a scorpion’s tail. It also has a reclining, ergonomic seat with a footrest. And a Bose sound system. And Italian leather. And a steel frame. And a cup holder. Still, if you want climate control, an air purifier, and built in lighting, you’ll have to go with the 200.

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