Password Cracking, Bank Robbing, and Fighting Over Dinosaur Bones

Anatomy of a HackArs Technica
Just how easy is it for a cracker to solve a password? Ars interviewed three crackers who demolished a list of 16,000 passwords, one with a 90% success rate.

How A War Hero Became a Serial Bank RobberBuzzfeed
One combat medic returned from Iraq traumatized, and got help by staging bank heists.

The Banality of ‘Don’t Be Evil’The New York Times
Behind Julian Assange’s paint-by-numbers vitriol, he has an incisive criticism to make about Google’s new role as American soft power.

Bone of ContentionThe New Yorker
The trade in dinosaur fossils is booming, but much of it is illegal.

How Many People Get Hit Each Year By Contract Killers?The Straight Dope
Like it or not (hopefully not), contract killing is a business—but how big of one?

Moon Landings Faked!!! Why People Believe in Conspiracy TheoriesScientific American
Perhaps they’re merely getting more attention because of the Internet’s amplifying tendency, but it seems like conspiracy theories are everywhere.

My Desperate, Stupid, Emotional Hut for the Perfect Pants – The New York Times
A perfectly fitted pair of pants can seem trivial, but there’s nothing like a second skin.

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