The Superyacht Piloted by an iPad

If you’ve got an iPad and you’re looking for a new way to use it, why not get a yacht that can be remotely controlled by an Apple device?

According to CNN, the Adastra, a $15 million dollar yacht,  can be piloted up to 50 metres away by an iPad. The Adastra took five years to build and is now winning award after award, including Best Naval Architecture at the Showboats Design Awards in Monaco.

The yacht can glide through the water at over 40 kph, because it’s made from very light material (glass and carbon) and only 20% of the yacht touches the water at any moment. We here at DailyXY can’t imagine anything going awry when you have an untrained person piloting a 50 tonne boat made of glass going 40 kph from 50 metres away. Nothing at all.

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