Washing Your Hands At a Urinal

We’ve all seen that guy who uses the urinal, then walks straight out of the washroom (well, if you’re a man anyway). Soon curiousity turns to disgust when you start to think of all hands he’s going to shake or railings and door handles he’ll touch. Was it to save time? Laziness? Some hippie way of saving water? We’ll never know.

But that situation may disappear as a new invention is hoping to promote better hygiene and water conservation in the men’s lavatory. It’s called The Stand and it combines a sink with a urinal for a efficient trip to the washroom.

According to TIME, the invention consists of a sink on top of a urinal. The trick is the water that exits the hands-free faucet and runs off the user’s hand is reused to flush and clean the urinal. The device saves water, saves time and makes the whole bathroom experience that much more streamlined.

The Stand is already in use in Latvia and according to its designer, Kaspars Jursons, it may start filling washrooms in Norway, Germany and some Eastern European countries very soon.

The product costs about $590 if you were thinking of installing one in your house. Time is money, right?

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