Wreck of the Megayacht Yogi

Only a few months ago, the Yogi was judged to be the most innovative light yacht at the Cannes International Boat Show. However, early one morning in late February, the $39 million, virtually new megayacht sank into the Aegean Sea. All crew survived, but questions remain surrounding what is surely a very expensive mistake.

Ostensibly, an engine exhaust issue precipitated the first mayday call. However, yet to be explained is how a watertight hatch blew open, why the stern was presented to the sea, why the Yogi was traveling at top speed in near-gale conditions, whether or not the emergency pumping system engaged, how such a technologically sophisticated ship with eight watertight compartments flood over the course of five hours, and whether or not the contents of the ship’s bar was rescued.

[Power and Motor Yacht]

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