The most popular (and least expensive) travel destinations for Canadians

Planning your next adventure? A new report reveals the most popular travel destinations for Canadians – and those that are the cheapest to fly to right now.

To determine these, the team over at compiling the data from 11.5 million flight searches from six major cities (Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg) over the past year.

The 10 Most Popular Destinations

    1. Delhi, India
    2. London, United Kingdom
    3. Manila, Philippines
    4. Paris, France
    5. Las Vegas, Nevada
    6. New York, New York
    7. Vancouver, British Columbia
    8. Toronto, Ontario
    9. Bangkok, Thailand
    10. Cancun, Mexico

Toronto turns up as one of the post popular destinations for Canadians from most other cities. However residents of Canada’s largest city prefer to travel internationally. Here are the most-searched destination by city – with average prices:

    Montreal: Casablanca, Morocco ($1,070), Paris ($818) and Fort Lauderdale ($463)
    Ottawa: London ($918), Orlando ($485) and Vancouver ($839)
    Toronto: Delhi ($1,277), London ($782) and New York ($305)
    Winnipeg: Toronto ($504), Manila ($1,333) and Delhi ($1,482)
    Calgary: Toronto ($634), Manila ($1,181) and Delhi ($1,319)
    Vancouver: Beijing ($802), Delhi ($1,118) and Toronto ($700)

New York turns out to be the cheapest destination for Canadians to fly to right now. If you’re planning a trip to Florida, think Fort Lauderdale. At an average of $470, it is the least expensive airport in the state, roughly $60 cheaper than flying into Miami ($530).

10 Cheapest Destinations (Average price)

    1. New York, New York – $348
    2. Boston, Massachusetts – $375
    3. Washington, D.C. – $424
    4. Chicago, Illinois – $442
    5. Fort Lauderdale, Florida -$470
    6. Cancun, Mexico – $476
    7. Orlando, Florida – $478
    8. Tampa, Florida – $481
    9. San Juan, Puerto Rico – $483
    10. Los Angeles, California – $502

Interestingly, no travel destination within Canada made the top 10 list of cheapest flights. Domestic travel is more expensive than flying to major US cities or the Caribbean. Halifax did come in at number 11 with an average airfare of $509, followed by Ottawa, ranked 16 with an average airfare of $535, and then Winnipeg, which was number 17 on the list with an average airfare of $554.

You can read the full report with affordability rankings of 101 destinations from six Canadian cities over at

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