7 Winter Exercising Gear Essentials

Keeping an active lifestyle through winter can often be a challenge if you don’t own the right gear. Believe it or not, throwing on that cotton t-shirt and old sweatshirt won’t cut it when you’re running in frostbitten temperatures. And without the right material, neither will bulking up excessively with layers.

In these freezing times, you need to open yourself to clothing technology and its benefits when it comes to keeping you warm and functional. We’ve picked out a couple of key items to keep you comfortable when looking to break a serious sweat in the cold. Or just go toe-to-toe in the ring with Jack Frost himself.

First Layer Shirt: Adidas Climawarm Graphic Mock Turtleneck ($49)

Always have a base layer when working out in the cold. You’ll need something that will wick away sweat from your skin. Whether going for a run or hike, this adidas “Climawarm turtleneck” serves as a breathable material, and it uses densely woven synthetic fibers to keep you warm and snug.

Second Layer Shirt: Nike Men’s Element Shield Full Zip Jacket ($100)

In really cold temperatures, it’s critical to have some sort of light protective shell. You’ll want to push through any wind, snow or rain without breaking rhythm. Nike’s “Element Shield” will do the trick. And the fact that it’s a zip-up allows you more options when it comes to raising or lowering your body temperature.

Base Layer Pants: UnderArmour Men’s ColdGear Infrared Evo Fitted Leggings ($70)

UnderArmour’s known for its great moisture wicking products, but this pair of leggings takes it to a new level. With an added Infrared feature, the pants actually hold in body heat.

Gloves: The North Face Men’s ETip TNF Apex ($60)

Besides keeping your hands and fingers warm, a good pair of winter gloves also allow you to easily use your smartphone without fumbling around. The North Face uses ETip technology on the thumb and pointer fingers as well as a silicone gripper palm to dish out efficient use of your touchscreen device.

Socks: PhD Run Light Mini ($17) Alternatively: PhD Outdoor Medium Crew ($24)

Keeping your feet warm is a big problem when trying to exercise in the cold. Well, PhD offers ReliaWool which provides high density to your foot’s impact zones. Grab a “Run Light Mini” for those jogging sessions. And if you’re looking for something with higher calf coverage while wearing boots, then the company also has the “Outdoor Medium Crew” sock which is basically designed for a rugged day in the woods.

Shoes: Saucony Xodus 4.0 GTX ($130)

Last but not least, the most important component when exercising in the cold is your shoes. And boy, is it a complex market. The perfect shoe for running in the winter has to have the right balance; a model that’s thin enough to be energy efficient yet thick enough to provide cushioning. Not to mention resistant to winter elements. Our answer? The Saucony Xodus 4.0 GTX. According to Canadian Running Magazine, it’s the “perfect shoe for anyone training in cold, snowy and wet conditions.”

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Jeremy Singer is a freelance writer and reporter from Toronto. He has a journalism degree from Ryerson University, and enjoys covering all aspects of men’s lifestyle and pop culture. He hopes to one day try on an $8,000 suit but not buy it, because he’s afraid of commitment. Feel free to contact him on Twitter or at his website.
Photo courtesy of K. Praslowicz.

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