Adidas Has Your Cure For Sneaker Fever, Toronto

For all the sneakerheads, wearers of the indistinguishable 3 stripes, and the ones that keep things original, the iconic Adidas is opening-up on Queen Street West after 3 months of renovations.

Located at 389 Queen Street, the Adidas store is a part of the “neighborhood” retail concept which was started in Berlin in 2014 as Originals flagship stores for streetwear, limited collaboration pieces, and a taste of local aesthetic. In Toronto’s location, the artist Gyimah Gariba has blessed the space with illustrations acting as just one aspect of local flare and city-specific influence.

The mission and purpose of these stores are to bring a holistic approach to Adidas brick and mortar locations and create another page out of the brands’ book, telling a different story each time.

Essentially, they plan to use these stores as a series of collage pieces telling the bigger picture of Adidas while speaking to its direct customers- the locals. It’s an interesting and cool concept, using the brick and mortar, the specific local tastes and the brand as one giant consumable ongoing story.

The ground level is occupied as a retail space, while upstairs is a launching point for a “role in connecting and celebrating Toronto’s creative culture that embodies the Adidas Originals brand ethos and the ‘Neighbourhood’ mandate,” according to the company.

With so many storefronts across Toronto closing-up shop and the landscape of retail changing faster than ever before, it’s definitely an interesting, hip/trendy, and native approach to the traditional store.

And with Adidas being the brand to try this, it’ll definitely have all the Adidafanatics out for a visit, and no doubt crowds of people for special events and exclusive collaboration releases. Oh, and the parties. Obviously.

So take a stroll on over and let your inner original run wild.

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