Advanced Skin Care in Calgary

When Annette Burwash started The Getaway Spa for Men, more than a decade ago, she was breaking into a relatively untapped market. But as male-specific spa treatments have evolved (along with our attitudes about receiving them), Burwash’s role as den mother to Calgary’s male business elite — responsible for helping them look and feel their best — has grown exponentially. Here are a few tips from Calgary’s queen of male skincare.

Striking Oil
After shaving, waxing, or just scrubbing your pelt, keep the after care simple and natural, Burwash advises.

“The product we use 90 percent of the time in the spa is tea tree oil. We apply it to the skin after any kind of waxing treatment, especially if I know the individual is prone to ingrown hairs.”

Apply the oil twice per day and it will prevent razor bumps and blemishes that come with shaving and waxing by about 80 percent. Avoid hot tubs, swimming pools or going to the gym for at least 48 hours, as the open pores will be sensitive to bacteria. If your skin is really prone to breakouts after shaving or waxing, get some organic sea salt from the drugstore and have a sodium soak in the tub, she says.

Laser Razor
Target trouble spots on your face with high-performance laser treatment.

“With shaving or waxing, whether it’s a bump, an ingrown hair, or a type of a pimple you’re getting; they’re all kind of the same thing: an inflammation of the gland attached to the hair follicle.”

Burwash’s male clients get laser treatments on the upper cheek, back of the neck, and wherever they’re prone to getting razor burn. “Get rid of the hair, get rid of the problem,” she says. But make sure the spa you are receiving treatment from uses True Laser (YAG 1064nm or Alex 755nm), instead of an Intense Pulse Laser which doesn’t work on many male skin types.

The Man in the Mirror
Treat each shave like a precise ritual, and you will get cleaner results, Burwash says.

“Guys usually shave really quickly and lack of proper skin preparation is what causes irritation on the neck.”

Burwash suggests getting a mirror for the shower and shaving during upright bathing. “You want to really moisten the skin before shaving,” she says. She also says to invest in professional shaving products that don’t contain alcohol and are free of parabens.

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