Advanced Skin Care in Montreal

While a few wrinkles add character, and laugh lines are a sign of lifelong good-heartedness, growing old isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Worse, skin care isn’t an overnight solution. Though creams, balms and ointments might seem preemptive, even unnecessary, to the young professional, your future-self will thank you when you don’t look a day over thirty.

To combat the effects of aging, it’s first important to cover the basics. Everyone knows sunscreen can prevent sunburn and skin cancer, but there’s a lot more to be gained from lathering up — namely, anti-aging. An intelligent sun care regimen can spare you up to 90% of skin damage, as UV rays are the number one contributing (and controllable) causes of premature wrinkling. Not limited to cloudless days, a good sunscreen should be part of your skin strategy throughout the warmer months.

But what if you’ve already sustained some kind of skin damage? Whether it’s blotchiness, a preexisting skin condition or adolescent acne scarring, there’s usually a product that can help you towards a clean slate. If it isn’t monstrously irreversible and you don’t think you need to visit a dermatologist, seek out a formula with an intense vitamin C concentration. Marionette lines around the mouth and sub-orbital wrinkles around the eyes are no match. Skin should start exhibiting a boyish glow in no time.

We’ve discounted the notion of prevention being better than the cure, but when it comes to our darling mugs, we’ve warmed up to the idea. Why wait for the first signs of skin damage to show? Out of all the skin products, the ones we don’t want to be using are “wrinkle fillers.” Start early to prevent a worn-in face from killing your confidence.

Vitamin C helps, but we’re looking for something that reduces lines rather than conceals them. Skin health should be exactly that: nourishing instead of disguising, strengthening instead of ignoring and finally, vigor instead of dilapidation.

For superior selection of advanced skin care products, check out these boutiques in Montreal:

Kiehl’s 760 St-Catherine St. W., 514-788-4226

Etiket 1832 Sherbrooke St. W., 514-687-3886

Baxter and Ursa Major at Rooney Shop 395 Notre-Dame W., 514-543-6234

Image courtesy of Etiket.

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