Beard Your Way to Better Skin

Nic Cage knows it.

Jayson Werth sure as heck knows it.

Most successful men throughout history know it.

Beards are about more than just announcing to the world that you are a wise, virile and style-conscious man. They’re also the responsible choice for your overall health.

A study published in the rapturously-named Radiation Protection Dosimetry Journal reveals that beards block up to 95 percent of UV rays from the sun, reducing premature aging and lowering risk for skin cancer. Hair also retains moisture and shields skin from the wind, not to mention shaving is frequently the cause of ingrown hairs and bacterial infections leading to acne.

Just make sure you keep it clean. NewNowNext recommends investing in a beard wash and beard oil to preserve its lustre. Plus, when a woman sees beard wash/oil in your medicine cabinet, she knows what she’s dealing with: a man with a beard.

[Esquire via NewNowNext]

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