Boutique Showdown: Attik vs. Marlboro Classics

What’s your true nature? Are you (a) a rugged, laid-back chap or (b) a hard-partying night owl? Embark on a quest for self-knowledge by heading to Cours Mont Royal, where two new clothing stores have recently opened: Montreal’s own Attik, and Marlboro Classics, a Canadian outpost of the European fashion label. Though both cater to style-savvy urban men, it’s unlikely there’s much overlap in their customer bases; the stores couldn’t be more different. Which team do you play for?

Marlboro Classics
Decor: Earth tones and touches of wood with a rough finish.
Soundtrack: Moody rock ‘n’ roll; think Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song.”
Staff: Highly stylish sales clerks are friendly but not suffocating.
Clothes: Soft camel-toned cottons; lambskin jackets; relaxed denims; checked shirts.
Perfect for: Wandering the plains on your trusty horse, or whistling love songs to your girl as you hike up the mountain.
1455 Peel St., 514-658-9004

Decor: Gilt walls, crystal chandeliers, general bling.
Soundtrack: Blasting techno music of the dancing-on-tables variety.
Staff: Young, high-energy staff, eager to show you their cool new finds.
Clothes: Only the hippest: Ksubi, Evisu, True Religion, Kinetix. Sexy Bastard undies from Buckler.
Perfect for: sipping martinis at DNA, or ordering rounds of shooters at Garde-Manger on a Saturday night.
1455 Peel St., Street Level, 514-844-1881

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