Calgary Manscaping

Seems impossible, but Mina O’Connor’s Renovations allows a man to feel like a man while he gets a manicure, massage or wax. Her Centre Street North spa is a state-of-the-art man cave, and her team of “ninja waxers” have been removing unsightly back pelts and tastefully shaping Stalin-esque brows for years. If you’re going to get a proper hair tear, first read these tips from Mina:

Leave It Be
Many clients, who come in for their first wax treatment, try to do some damage control with the clippers at home. O’Connor says not to be embarrassed — her team has seen the forests and the trees — and to leave the hair long. “There’s got to be some growth,” she says.

Long-Term Growth
O’Connor says men who visit her spa a few times for waxing notice the hair grows back slower and thinner. “After a few sessions, they’ll go from having to come in every four weeks, to six weeks, then maybe every seven or eight weeks,” she says. The pain that comes with waxing — O’Connor says she won’t lie, “it hurts,” — also lessens, each repeat visit.

Regional Conflict
If you want a Brazilian wax at Renovations, or most any spa, you’re out of luck. “We don’t go over the wiener department,” O’Connor says. Aside from maintaining professional standards, the skin is “really sensitive, and can rip.” Her employees will do your man-kini area, underwear on, which is all the landscaping you should feel comfortable with down there, anyways, she says.

And while plenty of men come in to get their chests waxed, O’Conner would gladly lose some business on sternum stripping. “Some guys have really nice chest hair and I’m always asking them, “Why are you waxing it?” she says.

Back in Full
“Of all the waxing that is done at the spa, the most popular is back waxing,” O’Connor says. She calls her team the “ninja waxers” because the women have been trained for speed, as well as precision. “If you have a really hairy back and you’ve never got it waxed, they’d have you in and out of here in seven minutes,” she claims. The key to the ninjas’ efficiency is they use a sterilized roller to apply the wax, which is much quicker than the more widely used stick-in-a-pot method.

Brow Power
Within the past few years, O’Connor has noticed men seem increasingly eager to take their caterpillars through the larva stage. The trick is to make it look like the metamorphosis was natural. “Tons of guys get their brows waxed,” she says. “But there’s nothing worse than guy brows that look like girl brows.” Make sure your spa handles plenty of male clientele before trusting your brows with it. “They just need to put a little shape there, it’s suppose to be really discreet,” O’Connor says. “You really can’t tell that much, but it makes a huge difference.”

Image by iStockphoto. 

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