Montreal Manscaping

Whether spurred by the heat, the ball-and-chain, or an upcoming triathlon—waxing might be on more men’s minds these days than ever. And why shouldn’t it be? Gone are the days when masculinity was worn shaggily across the chest, draped along shoulder blades and burying the nether region. If intrigue has put the thought in your head, don’t let shame or hesitation keep you from feeling sleek. There are varying degrees of hair removal – let’s explore which ones might be right for you.

First, let’s get over the stigma attached to waxing. Maybe you’re embarrassed by the amount of hair, or the act of going to a salon yourself—but unless you’re a special kind of masochist, you’ll want to avoid the torture of DIY waxing kits. Professionals are paid for a reason, and there are few things more dangerous than an amateur male beautician.

Yes, the first time will hurt more than the tenth, but we’ll admit that signing up for a session is the easy part. Clear-cutting deep-rooted hairs across chest and back will make you scream, “%#@!” (and likely “&^$#” and “*@$#” as well), but no pain, no gain. Or so the saying goes, heh. But the longer you get the treatment done, the thinner and weaker your roots will be. Don’t be dissuaded by the first go—think of it as an investment in a better you.

Eyebrow shaping is probably the most noticeable wax job a guy can get done—a significant change to anything on your face will be seen by one and all. However, nobody’s going to miss your unibrow, and you don’t need to over-sculpt. Ask an esthetician to take a little off the sides and distinguish the left brow from the right, and you’ll be good to go.

The BSC is kind of like a Brazilian, but we’re sold on the thoroughness and hilarious name. Getting the back-sack-crack done is nothing to laugh at, though your face might remain contorted for a week or three. There’s no half-assing this treatment, so go in and grit your teeth. You’ll come out slick, member-accentuated and ready to swim faster than ever before.

Check out the following salons in Montreal that cater to men:

Espace Nomad
4650 St Laurent Blvd., 514-842-7279

MANN Montreal
475 President Kennedy St., 514-395-0707

Spa Diva
1455 Peel St., 514-985-9859

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