Calgary Streetwear Gets Savoury

As great as you think you look in that “Kiss the cook” apron, it may be time for a culinary style update. Not only is Calgary home to many amazing restaurants (I’m biased, but you know), it’s also the home base for two new, food-inspired clothing lines: Food On Your Shirt and Medium Rare. Wearing your heart on your sleeve is one thing, but proudly showing true love for bacon on your chest is even better.

Food On Your Shirt was created by local food writer and illustrator, Pierre Lamielle. His mantra “You wear what you eat” feeds his designs with bold statements like “In case of fire: Roast marshmallows”, or “Body by Bacon. Pound it back.” Host a dinner party with your vegetarian friends while wearing a shirt with a giant steak that says “Me eat” and they’ll discover a new appreciation for your carnivorous tendencies and caveman-esque grammar.

If highly saturated humour isn’t your thing, Medium Rare apparel is popular with many local chefs. For the hardcore culinary enthusiast lurking inside, they have an array of quality kitchen wear from chefs’ jackets and aprons to hats and armbands. Their basic graphic tees and hoodies may not be as flashy as the aforementioned Food on Your Shirt line, but, if you’re looking for some foodie validation, nothing will get you a nod of approval from a top chef quicker than rocking something from Medium Rare.

Trust me.

Both lines are available for purchase online. 

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