Footwear for a Professional

Shoes, shoes, shoes, and even more shoes.

Many men feel like they will never find their sole mate. I know how frustrating it can get trying on countless pairs, going from store to store but never finding what feels best for you. You want to be seen as a professional without losing your sense of style.

Finding a perfect pair seems like quite a challenge, but don’t fret, we will give you a step in the right direction.

The Old Classic

The Oxford shoe is known for its comfortable and sophisticated style. Chances are you grew up watching your father wearing these at one point or another; basically they have been a trusted staple in every man’s wardrobe for generations. Although black is the safe bet, I suggest being creative and searching for different designs or color combos to set you apart and give your work style a much needed push into this century. Unlike classic Oxfords, these from ASOS are a statement shoe you can wear outside the office.

The Updated 80’s

The sturdy design and comfortable soles have made the loafer a clear choice for any man on the job. However, choosing a pair that doesn’t make you look like you just stepped out of a rerun of Miami Vice is a difficult challenge. The trick to picking the perfect pair of loafers seems to be less is more. No tassels, no bows, and no distracting designs; the perfect shoe is simple. I suggest pairing these silver loafers with a grey suit.

The Patent Pair

The patent leather shoe comes to mind almost immediately when you think of fashion and the workplace. The classic black and million dollar shine has been dawned by men of power for as long as you can think. Women can agree this shoe is showing no signs of slowing down on the fashion front. These from Kenneth Cole are affordable and still fashion forward enough to make you consider buying a second pair.

The Winter Solution

Working at a more casual office has its benefits, in that instead of being forced to stick to simple shoes, you can expand into the land of boots. Recently, the fashion industry has been going boot crazy with 90’s combat boots and studded pairs making their way down every designer’s runways. Lucky for you we like a more simple, less studded style. Kenneth Cole has a perfect pair of boots, and best of all they look great in jeans for after work.

Alexandra Stavroullakis is freelance writer and journalist. She enjoys music, fashion, movies and all things creative. She has a diploma in journalism from Niagara College and works as a part-time portrait photographer.
Photo courtesy of Attila Acs

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