Guroo Active Performance Shirts

Those $20 for a four-pack t-shirts you’ve been buying at the big box store? They don’t fit well. We all know this. But we compromise because t-shirt fits are a pain. They ride up at the back, or they’re tight in the pits, or a million other little problems.

Well, that annoying poor-fitting is what Guroo Active aims to fix with their performance shirts, now on Kickstarter. Small, medium, and large works for coffee cups, not men’s clothing. Groo Active looks at sizes in a couple of different ways: torso length and build. You tell them the length you want (short, regular, long, and extra long) and your build (small, medium, large, extra large), and you get a better-fitting shirt. Finally, tall lanky guys aren’t condemned to wearing a bed sheet to the gym, and the body-building dwarves among us won’t have to look like they’re wearing a dress.

Other key features: smart vents, more realistic contours, space-age fabric, and a tagless print that won’t disappear in the wash. Check ‘em out.


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