The Guy’s Guide to Athletic Apparel

Olivia Newton-John has said it best, “let’s get physical.” Get your mind out of the gutter, it’s time to workout!

After a long winter hibernating now is your chance to get back into a healthy routine. Finding a physical activity that works for your lifestyle can be as simple as joining a local team, squeezing in a gym workout, or going for a jog. Choosing athletic apparel that is affordable and stylish can be a daunting challenge, but no sweat—we have picked some of our fashion favourites for maintaining a healthy body.


Versatility tends to be the key for any first time fitness apparel shopper. It is important to have the right apparel to match the activity you have chosen. For example, runners should choose lighter form fitting fabric along with lightweight mesh breathable shoes like these from Footlocker ($80) In comparison a person who plays basketball would require a shoe focusing on ankle support and a loose fit clothing.


Investing in high priced designer clothing tends to give your pieces a longer lifespan BUT you can find affordable comparable styles at a fraction of the cost. Brands like Under Armour offer affordable durable clothing for your sporting needs. This Captain America compression shirt is pretty cool ($60). These comfortable Nike shorts are lightweight, durable and won’t break the bank ($59).

Staying away from certain fabrics can help make the difference in your workout. Although cotton is comfortable, it is not ideal for a sweaty workout. Synthetic materials are perfect to decrease sweat; a polyester/lycra blend is very popular.


Just like girls have brought leggings into everyday fashion, you too can mix your fitness apparel with your street style. The most recent fitness/function trend seems to be slim fitting joggers. These from ASOS ($61) are not only comfortable, they’re wearable in your daily life. Another functional and fashionable piece is this Nike jacket ($145), perfect for chilly morning jogs or pairing with a button up shirt for coffee with friends.


No workout is complete without a little bit of splurging. New technology, like the Runstastic Orbit ($120) is making the way you keep in shape much easier and a great way to chart your daily performance.

Finding a fashion forward gym bag is definitely a necessity. This one from Ralph Lauren is perfect ($298). For a more cost efficient bag, comparable Herschel Supply Co. have a variety of designs for your needs ($80).


Finally finishing with the most important workout gear, your shoes. A good shoe can make all the difference not only in performance but fashion as well. ASOS has a variety of fashion forward trainers to set you apart from others at the gym ($64.56). Sticking with trusted brands such as Nike is a easy way of finding proper fitting comfortable shoes ($232.41). Statement colours and prints are a great way to add variety to your monotone workout style, these from New Balance are sure to catch a few glances ($75).

Looking great from head to toe is a great way to keep you confident during a workout. Finding durable, well-made clothing makes athletics shopping enjoyable.

Alexandra Stavroullakis is freelance writer and journalist. She enjoys music, fashion, movies and all things creative. She has a diploma in journalism from Niagara College and works as a part-time portrait photographer.

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