Hot Shaves in Toronto

For some guys, a hot lather shave elicits thoughts of Frank Sinatra prone in a barber chair, discussing the latest mob hit with steaming towels soothing his face. Other guys think of those movies our big brothers would loan us as teenagers. But we’re discussing the former: The classic barbershop hot shave. A hot lather shave doesn’t just feel great. It opens the pores, for a closer result than your cheap plastic razor, and avoids all those nasty red bumps. Here are just a few places around town where a chap can find himself a good hot shave.

Truefitt and Hill will pamper you with a luxury classic hot lather shave for $40. 40 King St. W., Scotia Plaza, 416-214-4543

The Gotstyle Lab is the current talk of the town, and it offers a hot towel shave for $39, which includes a facial massage. 489 King St. W., 416-260-9696

You can also get your hot shave at the Windsor Arms Barbershop for $32, or $40 with a facial massage. 18 St. Thomas St., 416-971-9666 ext. 6506

Get an old-fashioned shave at Corrado’s Barber Shop for $20. Corrado’s is Corrado Accaputo’s namesake. He’s a no-nonsense barber, serving both old and young guys. 162 Bathurst St., 416-703-1125

Can’t swing by the barbershop every morning before heading off to work? Consider a hot lather shave before an event or date. It might be just what Hef ordered.

Image courtesy of scottfeldstein on Flickr.

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