JUZD: Organic Bamboo Graphic T-Shirts

We all try our best to help save the planet, so it’s good to know that Jing Liu has our environmentally-friendly back. His organic bamboo graphic T-shirt line, JUZD, offers men a way of uniting social awareness with style. Pronounced “juiced”, the line is Canada’s slickest new eco-friendly collection, offering funky, fresh patterns over black, white and grey options.

Liu, who was born in China and raised in Toronto, is earning a reputation in Canada’s fashion industry for his collaborative creative process. “I have designers all around the world, from Singapore to South America to Europe, who help develop one shirt,” says the baby-faced Liu, whose background is in computer programming. “I have five factories in China to create the shirt, bag, even the box.”

The buttery soft shirts, which retail for $100 at Holt Renfrew and Toronto’s Gotstyle, were all the buzz at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, where they were a part of the exclusive Tastemakers Lounge, a swag suite that hooks celebrities up with all the “next big things.”

Beyond the celebrity appeal and the media buzz, JUZD shirts are poised for great success because they’re just easy to wear. Bamboo’s anti-microbial properties mean that the shirts are more breathable than cotton, and they won’t pick up odours like your other T’s. Says Liu, “You could wear it for four days straight and they’ll always feel fresh.”

Spoken like a true man.

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