Looking Smart > Being Smart?

When we get  a PR pitch that’s not so much a pitch as it is a blind toss from out in left field, we like to share with our intrepid readership.

Sometimes looking smart is just as good as being smart.
The NERDZ collection by VonZipper gives you “Geek Chic” and 100% UVA/UVB protective clear lenses for under $100!
Jay Z and Brad are wearing NERD glasses on the Red Carpet and so should you.

Jay nerd

Though we’re not sure who the guy on the left is, we do know that NERDZ are available in two styles, the $90 “Fulton”

And the ever so slightly different (and $5 more expensive) “Elmore”

Both frames are fitted with 100% non-vision-correcting clear lenses and ship in a velour bag containing a microfibre cloth woven from other tired stereotypes.

[NERDZ by VonZipper]

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