Meet Spring With These Stylish DIY Upgrades

The weather changes on its own. That’s nature. Your wardrobe, on the other hand? That’s on you. As winter transitions into sunnier days, get on-trend with these five small but effective upgrades to your spring attire.

Lace up

Replacing your regular shoelaces with ones in premium materials can change the tone of an entire outfit. It works even better if, much like your watch straps, you rotate several sets for style that evolves with your mood. Stolen Riches offers both dress shoe and boot laces with an added pop of colour, plus some prints for lovers of patterns. When things warm up, tie on some rope laces for a chunky contrast to the deconstructed, low-profile sneaks you’ll be wearing.

Go natural

Luxe buttons in genuine materials can breathe new life into your favourite perennial toppers. The difference, though small, is instantly noticeable. Bring an off-the-rack navy sportcoat to your tailor and ask for some brass buttons to create a nautical look, or kit out the same jacket with leather buttons for something more outdoorsy. Real horn buttons can be used to elevate a well-worn trenchcoat, too. If you’re concerned about ethical sourcing, salvage a set from a vintage shop.

Wax on

The classic waxed jacket is a veritable spring staple thanks to its water-resistant properties and stylish sheen. If you want the same heritage look without the pricetag, Otterwax makes a treatment that you can personally apply to canvas, cotton and denim garments. (Most natural fabrics will do, really). You’ll have to reapply wax from time to time on areas that experience a lot of wear, but that’s part of the charm. You’ll thank us when the rainstorms hit.

Patch things up

Pre-distressed and ripped jeans will be back in full force this spring and summer, at least if high-end designers have anything to say about it. While we don’t suggest tearing your denim a new one to create the tough-as-nails look, life happens. When it does, have your tailor patch up a busted pair with an eye-catching swatch of floral-printed selvedge (or a plain one a few shades darker). Do leave some holes undarned, though. This ain’t a quilt.

Enter the perma-cuff

We’d like to reassure you that cuffing your colourful chinos is a trend that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. So, why not save yourself a step and commit to earning extra style points by permanently cuffing your pants at a tailor? A proper cuff that will stand the test of time is no wider than one inch and comes up no higher than the base of your calf, or around two inches, tops. You’ll never have to fiddle with your pants to get them just-so again.

Nicholas Mizera is a lover of menswear, craft beer and lifestyle mags. Some know him as The Gentleman Journalist.

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