Review: Mensgroom

Want the latest shampoo with essence of unpronounceable herbs and implausible scientific formulas? Yeah, us neither; we just want something that works better than generic superstore nonsense, but that doesn’t come in a micro-containers from a pretentious French salon.

Enter Mensgroom. They actually do more than shampoo (like moisturizer, shaving cream, styling cream and whatnot), but I tested out their Daily Wash Out ($9), a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner, so let’s stick to that. Daily Wash Out is made with barley protein, which strengthens hair, eucalyptus extract, which provides lustre, zinc PCA, which is actually to feed your scalp and control flakes, and vitamin B5, a moisturizer. Four ingredients—that’s all you need. Daily Wash Out moisturizes, makes your scalp feel fresh, and doesn’t take forever to rinse out, unlike the last generic conditioner we bought from the drugstore.

Also rather helpfully, Mensgroom products don’t contain Parabens, a fairly widely-used preservative in cosmetics. Parabens aren’t very green, though, so we’re trying to cut back.

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