Montreal’s Best Mani-Pedi Spots for Guys

Advanced attention to grooming has become standard, indeed, admired in the realm of masculinity. After winter — feet suffocated by wool socks and taut boots, hands weathered, cracked and blistered — you’re damn right your paws and hooves could use some reinvigoration. We loath to call ourselves beautiful, but if you’re looking to “embolden your hunkiness” here are our favourite Montreal groomers to keep your kingliness intact.

This place means business. The sole men-only luxury salon in the city, expect pampering alongside business execs and power brokers. If you’re meticulous about maintaining a clean-cut look, start from the feet up ($49) and finish with a teeth whitening or fresh shave ($129, $30). 475 President-Kennedy St., 514-395-0707

Le Pascha
As close to a traditional barbershop as you’re going to get, Le Pascha is a male grooming centre where you can enter sore and disheveled and leave feeling like Draper himself. Covering barber-style chops, waxing and facials—it only makes sense to go the distance. Hand and foot detailing (translation: callus removal and cuticle care) are followed by sedative and therapeutic massages. We advise coming well slept, as it’s all too easy to doze off. 6424 Decarie Blvd., 514-735-1124

Spa Diva
Just because they’ve been voted the best spa in Montreal for five consecutive years doesn’t mean they’re right for us. But, seeing as they’ve had a massive increase in male clientele in recent years, Spa Diva must be doing something right. Athletic types, this is your calling: a deep massage and paraffin treatment are an ideal remedy for aches and pains ($50). 1455 Peel St., 514-985-9859

Image courtesy of On Linden Way

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