New Backpacks for Guys

The latest trend in men’s accessories may surprise guys finally getting used to strapping on a messenger bag every morning: the return of the backpack.  But for the most sensible among us, this hands-free style never went away.

Rugged and masculine, the backpack is the ideal antidote to over-sized totes and are better for your back than the aforementioned messenger bags.

We’ve chosen some of Canada’s finest designs to showcase homegrown solutions to one of the perils of modern man – where to put our stuff?  Crafted from heavy canvas and genuine leather, these utilitarian bags not only look great but can take a lot of abuse. Wardrobe workhorses, they are as appropriate at the office as they are cycling to your local market.

All these backpacks feature clean lines and ample storage and run the gamut in price from the affordable ($70) to the extravagant ($3,000+).

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Image courtesy of Radhourani


4 thoughts on “New Backpacks for Guys”

  1. Figures the one I like best is 3000+. Ha! Only problem is if you ask any woman, none will see a backpack in sexy. As for a trendy man bag/messenger bag, much better for the ladies.

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