Profile: Dapper & Done

California-based Dapper & Done is your personal valet for grooming and skin care, perfect for the busy guy who doesn’t have the time for a shopping trip when his medicine cabinet runs low. “It was super annoying for me when I ran out of certain products, whether it was face wash or shampoo,” said Justin Hong, founder of the company. “I was frustrated that it was a complete waste of time.” Hong’s service also helps men who have a hard time stepping out of their comfort zone discover new, high-end brands to step up their grooming game, and offers education on how to use them.

What’s different about Dapper & Done

Beer, menswear, whatever—if it can be bought, there’s a subscription service for it online. What makes Dapper & Done different is that it doesn’t lock you into a contract or send you a mystery box every month. Users can create custom bundles of grooming products online, then choose to receive them at a custom frequency (generally between two and 16 weeks) to ensure they never run out. One week before your stuff arrives, Dapper & Done even gives you the option to add or remove items in your package, or cancel it altogether.

Don’t know where to start? We partnered with Dapper & Done to create some pre-made bundles to help you navigate the world of grooming.

The Newbie

Easier is better when it comes to starting a skin care routine for the first time. Fieldworks Supply’s Hose Off 2-in-1 Body Wash lets you kill two birds with one stone by cleaning both your skin and your hair in the shower—just lather and rinse. Just about every guy needs a mild, oil-scrubbing facial cleanser, so next use Brickell’s Charcoal Face Wash. Finish up with Guythority’s Age-Fighting Hydrator Sunscreen SPF 30, a moisturizer that doubles as sun block and locks in the benefits of your new regimen.

The Pro

You like your hair and skin looking as sharp as your bespoke suit, so you already use a few products regularly. After cleansing, apply Clark’s Botanicals high-end Smoothing Marine Cream to gently exfoliate and condition the skin with Jasmine extract so you look like a boss at those important early morning meetings. But don’t show up until you get an ultra-close shave using Triumph & Disaster’s Old Fashioned Shave Cream, which softens your whiskers and prevents cuts by hydrating your face. Up top, Brooklyn Grooming’s Old School Pomade provides the hold you need for a coiffe that can be remoulded throughout the day, perfect for transitioning from office to after hours.

The Lumberjack

Whether it’s your wild beard or your morning routine, you like to keep things organic.

Start off with Kale Naturals’ 3-in-1 Wild Mint Face Wash, which uses a botanical-rich formula of soap bark, licorice root and myrrh to deep-clean hair and purify that mug beneath your mane. For the beard itself, keep it lustrous with Beard Oil’s Tree Ranger scent-free natural blend of oils, which conditions without weighing anything down.

If none of these strike your fancy, head over to Dapper & Done to create a bundle of your own.

Nicholas Mizera is a lover of menswear, craft beer and lifestyle mags. Some know him as The Gentleman Journalist.

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