Review: Blue Lounge Messenger Bag

It’s hard to find a laptop bag that isn’t bulky or cumbersome, as if they’re built to carry a week’s worth of paperwork. But Blue Lounge’s Messenger bag ($139) is a sleek, lightweight answer to this problem. It’s perfect for just a 17″ laptop and related essentials essentials, like cords and adapters, with little room for anything else. The straps and pockets are straightforward and easy to use, with durable, but noisy metal buckles. The unique design that slings the laptop around one’s back instead of on their side makes it a must-buy for people who want to be a bit stylish with their laptop extras. It also has the option of slinging it in front of you, for added security. Its eco-friendly nature also helps if you want to take a little bit of pride when you’re carrying your laptop from place to place.

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