Review: Collagen Eye Pads

Burned too much midnight oil? Travelled past a few time zones? Struggling to recover from an all-nighter? Well, first of all, better sleep means a better looking face, and lack of sleep is causing you health problems. But if it can’t be helped and you need to look your best in the AM, it’s time to put on a pot of coffee, pull out a new suit, and use a pair of Collagen Eye Pads ($40 for six) from Elizabeth Grant.

I know, I know, she makes lady stuff. But here’s the thing: those bags under your eyes aren’t winning you any friends, and the only way they’re influencing people is negatively. So, here’s what you do: after you’ve had a shower and you’re waiting for that coffee to finish, apply the pads under your eyes, pat them down, wait fifteen minutes, and then remove. Boom, done.

So, what’s going on? Basically, the pads are hydrating that sensitive skin under your eyes that go dark and baggy after you’ve been up all night. They’re also supposed to have anti-aging properties, but we can’t really speak to that—get back to us in fifteen years. But for making your mug look fresh when it’s anything but? Yeah, go with the eye pads.

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