Review: Consonant Natural Foaming Face Wash

Okay, we’re going to admit this right off the bat: it looks like it’s mostly women using Consonant products. Or maybe they’re the ones who care enough to talk about it. Either way, whatever. We’re pretty into their natural foaming face wash ($18), and we’re okay with admitting that.

Why care about face wash? Well, since you need to wash your face anyway, you might as well do so with the best possible thing. Taking care of your skin is like taking care of the rest of your body—we eat right, exercise, and spent time outdoors in an effort to look good when we’re pushing fifty, so why wouldn’t we put the same effort into our skin? Don’t pretend it doesn’t matter—Rob Lowe and Jim O’Heir are the same age but don’t look it, and that comes down to how they take care of themselves. Well, that and genetics. Can’t change DNA, though, so we’ll stick with smart life choices.

Speaking of, here’s the first reason we like Consonant: their products don’t contain parabens, phthalates, sulphates, petroleum/PEG, BHT, artificial colours, DEA, TEA, propylene glycol, or diazolidinyl urea. They’re all bad or riskier than we’d like for reasons explained more simply and accurately than we could here. We don’t lead what might be called an “all-natural” lifestyle, and we’re pretty sure that the granola-munching next-door neighbours scowl at us when we’re on the porch eating hot dogs and drinking pop, but why take a chance when it comes to your face? Diazolidinyl urea doesn’t seem like something you should put on your face. Or anywhere.

Second reason we like it: the label indicates which ingredients are certified organic, which is most of them. Actually, this face wash is 99.4% natural. It’s actually not that we especially care about organic ingredients—we care about transparent labelling. And other people in our lives might be into the organic thing. Speaking of . . .

Reason the third: it seems suitably unisex. Keeping spare face wash for one-night stands is pretty creepy, but you might lose points if all your soap smells like a rugby match—so the obvious solution is to use face wash conveniently non-threatening to women. We like the manly rugby match stuff too—it’s just good to have options.

Final and primary reason we like this face wash: it works well. Lathers up nicely, especially for an all-natural product, oil get scrubbed away, our skin isn’t left feeling tight, and it smells lightly of citrus.

Bottom line: Consonant’s face wash works pretty well, we like it, and we think you might like it too.

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