Review: Dove Men+Care Shave Cream

So: a couple of months ago, I got a package with three things: one was Dove Men+Care Hydrate+Pro-Moisture Shave Cream ($8), another was Dove Men+Care Sensitive+Pro-Moisture Shave Cream ($8), and the third was something I’ve always wanted but nevertheless dreaded.

It was a safety razor.

I grew up on disposable razor heads. Actually, I grew up when razor companies were racing each other to cram yet more blades on their products. The Onion parodied this stupid trend, but then life imitated art and companies started actually doing five bladed razors. Since I’ve always wanted to use something that didn’t look like a matchbox car to shave my face, I popped in this video, took a deep breath, learnt things the hard way.

Day 1: I use the Sensitive+ first, since I don’t think my skin is too dry. Soaking my brush in a mug during my morning shower, then lathering the cream in the mug, has already improved the shaving experience. Yeah, what I was doing pre-safety razor wasn’t really lathering, was it?

Day 4: Have you ever held a protractor to your face? I have. Incidentally, judging thirty degrees is hard when you’ve gone cross-eyed.

Day 10: First blood! Yeah, when they say ‘no pressure’, they mean it.

Day 12: It occurs to me that I haven’t had razor burn in a week.

Day 16: I switched over to the Hydrate+, mainly because winter is kicking my ass and drying out my face.

Day 17: Face is dry no more! Still cold, though.

Day 23: No doubt about it, shaving with a safety razor takes longer (by about ten minutes), but get this: I’m actually enjoying my shave.

Day 28: Threw out my old disposable razor. Gave the unused cartridges to a gym buddy. Safety razor or bust, from now on.



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