Review: SprezzaBox

Box-of-the-month clubs are a great way to maximize gift giving or, alternatively, to give yourself a little present every month. Know a guy who’s into style—like yourself, perhaps? Then check out SprezzaBox. It starts at $34 a month and you get a little kit with five cool accessories. We got ours a week ago, and we’re pretty happy with it.

What We Like

Stylish. You’re getting some luxury menswear, so it’d better be stylish. In our box, we received a Bull + Moose tie, a Salt + Dapper pocket square, a pair of Yo Sox! socks, a tie clip from Weekend Casual, and a little bar of Dr. Squatch soap.

Good Value. The box cost $34, but retail value of the five things was $80.

Fun. There’s something a bit like your birthday when you get a little gift in the mail, especially when you don’t exactly know what it’ll be.

New Brands. It’s entirely likely that some of the stuff you get will be new to you.

More deals. My Dr. Squatch soap came with a little promo code, just in case I’d like to buy more.

What We Don’t

Inherently a gamble. Box-of-the-month clubs are really for adventurous men only. You might get something you love, you might not.

The Bottom Line

If you like style, novelty, and have a bit of an adventurous streak—or know someone who does—check out Sprezzabox.

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