Show Review: Band of Outsiders

Hunting expeditions, road trips, apres ski and the golden age of travel were all inspiration for tonight’s sprawling Band of Outsiders presentation, where the props were at least as much fun as the clothes. Fellows clad in plaid shirts and hunter green coats with shearling collars hung out near some evergreens, while prepped-out guys and gals sat surrounded by vintage typewriters in a ’50s era office zone. One young man sat on the back of a vintage Jaguar XJ6, playing a bit of backgammon and wearing a chambray workshirt, a shearling toggle coat and slim-fitting corduroy trousers, which were matched handsomely by his corduroy boat chukkas. (Because, presumably, nothing says “Let’s play car backgammon” like matching corduroy.)

Our favourite props, however, were the loftiest ones. One brave soul, clad conspicuously in an almost-fuschia polo shirt and gold ski pants, sat on a chair that’d been fixed to the wall in mid-air. Another swung from the chandeliers, literally, wrapping his wool-blend sweatpants around the crystal fixture and hanging on for dear life. But then, this is fashion: If it weren’t a bit dangerous, it wouldn’t be interesting.


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