Show Review: Victor Glemaud

The wind gusting off the Hudson River chilled the bones of editors and buyers last night as they waited – impatient, indignant – outside Milk Studios. What they found inside, however, was enough to warm the soul – or at least, a benumbed pair of legs – in the inventive knit pants of Victor Glemaud.

At least one attendee called the slim-fitting, wildly patterned pants “meggings,” which is objectionable, not just because we hate that word, but also because the pants’ cut, fabric and patterns reminded us more of long johns than Mary Kate and Ashley. And that vision inspires how we’d wear them: As a pair of stylish (and ridiculously comfortable) pants for a quiet winter’s evening in, or as a layer on a chilly February day, with just a touch of Glemaud’s patterns – as colorful and exuberant as the designer himself – peaking out to say hello.


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