Show Reviews: Lacoste and Generra

No man, given the choice, would ever throw on a suit for a lazy day on the couch. Because no matter how fine the fabric, no matter how forgiving the cut, no suit will ever compete with sweatpants, a T-shirt and a worked-in hoodie for sheer comfort.

All this said, some very promising changes were afoot at two recent shows: Generra, which showed yesterday evening in the Hiro Ballroom, and Lacoste, which showed this morning at the tents. Though the labels are opposite in some senses – Lacoste is an esteemed French label with nearly 80 years of esteemed tradition; Generra (relaunched this season by Obedient Sons & Daughters alum Swaim and Christina Hutson) invented hypercolor in the ’80s – they united in their mission to unite formality with comfort, tailoring with elastic waistbands, and playful colors with classic styles.

Granted, the sweatpant slacks may be a tough sell come wedding season, but at the very least, it’s one hell of a way to dress up a lazy Sunday afternoon.





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