Sponsored: A Man’s Style Guide 2014, Part I

Once upon a time, leather jackets were the domain of low-life bikers and devil-may-care fighter pilots. These days, they’re not only respectable, but practically essential for every urban-dwelling man over the age of twenty-five. Of course, it helps that the Essentials Leather Jacket ($179) from H&M has a clean, classic design. Sure, it’s a biker jacket, but it’s the kind of biker jacket worn by a biker who collects Harleys from the 1950s and decorates his condo with vintage records. Pair it with the Essentials T-Shirt ($12.95)  for a casual day about town. Alternatively, wear it over the Essentials Cotton Shirt ($34.95) if you need some of that go-anywhere poise that a button-up brings when the jacket comes off. 

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