5 Awesome Hair Salons for Men

When it comes to getting your hair cut there’s nothing like visiting an old fashioned barber shop. Something about the experience is decidedly manly and personal. But the men’s barber shop has been undergoing a revival lately. Those old-timey haircutters are going the way of the dinosaur and being replaced by the men’s salon. It’s a new format that redefines the hair salon experience in a masculine light.

Here are five men’s salons in Canada that are reshaping the way we get our hair cut, and what we expect from the barber shop experience.

Taylor and Colt

This men’s salon franchise opened their first location in Toronto in November 2012. It’s an upscale place where customers are pampered with much more than just a simple hair cut. Hot towel shaves, facial moisturizers, teeth whitening, waxing, and laser hair removal are all on the menu. Keep an eye out for these guys are they plan to expand across the country.

MANN Grooming for Men

This Montreal institution is on the upscale side of things as well. It is located in the Delta Hotel and boasts of being Montreal’s only one-stop hair salon for men. Be prepared to open your wallet and receive your money’s worth. They offer the full range of products and services, plus the added perk of two hours of free parking, and access to the hotels pool, sauna, and gym.

Jack Hair

Over on the West Coast, Jack Hair is staking their claim in the men’s hair salon business. The Vancouver-based outlet presents a modern everyman format, and this makes them more accessible to a wider audience. They mostly only do haircuts, but Jack also offers grey camouflage. It could be just the thing to hide that salt and pepper look which is starting to pop up among your glorious coif.

MVP Modern Barbers

This is another franchise cashing in on the growing men’s salon market. MVP currently has four locations; two in Calgary, one in Kelowna and one in South Surrey. MVP stresses that it isn’t your grandfather’s barbershop and it shows through the classy setting and wide range of services. Expert cutting, highlights, grey camo, and colouring are all on deck.

Skybox Haircuts

On the other side of the country we have Skybox Haircuts located in downtown Halifax. As its name might suggest, this is the hockey nut’s salon. Jerseys, pucks, hockey sticks, and Hall of Famer photos deck the walls. If that’s not enough to satisfy your hockey hunger, you can also watch the game or sports news on the TV as the barber trims your mop.

Chris Riddell is a freelance writer from Toronto who covers art, business, and urban life for various fine publications. Also a poet and aspiring novelist, he’s busting his butt trying to get his name into a few literary magazines these days. He encourages you to check out his website for a look at what he’s been working on lately.

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