Sponsored: The Modern Man Dresses for Winter

Weather’s ugly out there, possibly made uglier by the fact that apparently we’re now saying ‘polar vortex’ instead of just winter, for some reason. But whether you’re shovelling snow off your front step or boarding a plane to Peru, a few smart choices will keep you looking and feeling sharp.

1. Storage, Utility, and Style

The Tilley Military Jacket ($329) isn’t your grandfather’s military jacket. Need a place to store your wallet, keys, smartphone, Bluetooth headset, passport, foreign currency, money clip, comb, notepad, or pens when you’re on the go? This durable jacket comes with 6 handy pockets to help with that—it’s literally a wearable carry-on. On top of that, it’s pre-washed, pre-shrunk, has an adjustable drawstring, is wrinkle resistant, and has a certified UPF 50+ rating.

2. Upgrade Your Cotton

What’s better than a button-down collared shirt? Few things, few things. It’s a staple of every professional man’s wardrobe for a reason. So pick one that will work harder for you. This Tilley Cotton Shirt ($129) is made with 3% spandex, so it’ll keep its shape too.

3. Consider Corduroy

Winter doesn’t negate the need for a blazer at work, date night, and holiday parties—hey, keep your ugly sweater. We want to look good. Hence this Tilley Corduroy Blazer ($289). You need a durable fabric to stand up to the challenges of the season, and you get that in corduroy. Also, this one is machine washable—because who wants to do a dry-cleaning run during a blizzard?

4. Remember Your Jeans

Quick, what article of clothing is equally at home shovelling snow, sipping cocktails, or at the hockey game? Good ‘ol jeans, that’s what. These Tilley 5 Pocket Jeans ($139) are wrinkle resistant, slim-fit, and are made from eco-friendly TENCEL®. Also, we suspect that these jeans will look good year-round.

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Early in January, Tilley Endurables will be opening a brand new store at 77 Front Street in Toronto. Additionally, until December 24th, customers can receive a free Logitech® X300 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker when you spend $295 or more. While quantities last.





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