Sponsored: Standard Apparel Warehouse Sale

Here’s how we’re planning on celebrating spring: with Standard Apparel’s biannual warehouse sale.

In a nutshell: Standard Apparel, Canadian suppliers of notable brands and in-demand fashion accessories, are holding their spring warehouse sale from April 14th to April 16th. Expect a frenzied fashion extravaganza, featuring brands like Fred Perry, Oliver Spencer, Todd Snyder x Champion, Filson, Aigle, Nau, Cote&Ciel, and HBC.

Why the frenzy? Well, there are unbelievable deals to be had—and by unbelievable, we mean as high as 80%. When was the last time you saw Filson and Fred Perry on an 80% markdown? Exactly.

Now here are a few sad truths. One: this sale attracts a big crowd. Two: there won’t be enough to go around. Three: the best stuff goes early. Our advice: go Thursday.

One final protip: since this sale features both men’s and women’s clothing, this represents a golden opportunity for the gentleman who both likes to keep his significant other happy and does not like spending hours sitting in the dude chairs at the mall. Take her to the sale, make her happy, and enjoy the fact that you won’t be playing smartphone games on an app for forty-five minutes because there’s great stuff for you too and you’re both on a timer.

What? The Standard Apparel Seasonal Warehouse Sale

Who? Standard Apparel, the Canadian distributor of Fred Perry, Todd Snyder x Champion, Filson, Aigle, Nau, Cote&Ciel, and HBC.

Where? 87 Wingold Ave., Unit 1, Toronto, M6B 1P8.

When? Three days only. Thursday, April 14th to Saturday, April 16th.

Hours? Thursday and Friday, 10AM to 7PM; Saturday, 10AM to 4PM.

And can I follow this on social media? Sure thing. Hit them up on Facebook @StandardApparel or on Instagram @StandardApparelToronto. Actually, take a look at the Facebook event page too. Oh, and don’t forget to check out their website.

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