Sports Luxe For Spring

In 2012, the style sports luxe came into fashion, which is a collaboration of sports and luxury. It offers you an uncompromising style taking inspiration from athletic silhouettes in 2012 and surfers in 2014. Its easy to believe that the sport luxe style can easily be done, however, it can be tricky to mix casual and smart pieces together. We have come up with an outfit to help you out.

Sports Jacket

We start the collection off with a sports jacket, or a bomber jacket. Sports jackets and bomber jackets have become increasingly popular over the years, with designers grasping at the chance to add it to their collections. Designers have used a selection of fabrics and styles in order to create contemporary styles using bomber and sports jackets as a template. Brands such as ASOS, Topman and River Island have a whole range of bomber jackets available.


If you feel as though bomber jackets, or sports jackets are not for you then ‘luxe’ hoodies are always a great idea. Not all hoodies offer a relaxed style, as some brands offer a style catered to the sport luxe trend. Hoodies can delve into the same style as sports jackets, offering a college-esc look. Brands such as Good For Nothing Clothing and Carhartt offer a whole host of styles available.

Track Pants or Sweat Pants?

Track pants, or tracksuit bottoms are now no longer frowned upon, or seen as home comfort clothing. The same applies to sweat pants, as it is no longer associated with, or suited to youths. There are several brands who have began producing luxury joggers, with a fitted, smarter styling and the use of technical materials such as wool/ flannel. There are alternatives to plain tracksuit bottoms, with floral and drop crotch styles being released. Again, Topman have shown to have the most alternative styles, in terms of track pants or sweat pants.

The Trainer

If there is anything to finish off your outfit then it has to be a pair of clean, sporty yet luxury trainers. There are many brands that you can consider including Android Homme, Cryuff, Puma and Casbia. These are only a select few brands that don’t compromise style, or luxury for comfort. Even though brands such as Nike and Adidas are known for their fashion trainers, brands such as New Balance have developed a taste to suit all the urban dressers.


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